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At Division 26 we take the time to listen and understand what our clients are trying to achieve. We ask questions and whenever possible we propose solutions and options which the homeowner may not have considered. This allows our clients to make an informed decision which will ultimately lead to a satisfied customer… our number one objective!

New Home Construction

Building a new home is both an exciting and challenging undertaking, especially if it is your long awaited “dream home”. There are countless decisions to be made and at times it can be somewhat overwhelming.

Our job as the electrical contractor is to at least make the electrical system aspect of your new home construction process as trouble free as possible. That’s where our over 50 years of experience comes in because we have successfully completed all sizes of projects from the small and straightforward to the large and complex!

We will analyze your new home requirements, make recommendations as appropriate, and prepare a detailed cost estimate for the work. Many of our clients thank us for thinking of the things they didn’t or suggesting things that will be of benefit, even down the road, such as capacity for future expansions.

Building a new home or other building on your property such as garages and workshops is also the perfect time to consider energy efficient lighting, or standby power capabilities.

We are with you every step of the way and are fully knowledgeable on all electrical code requirements.


Home Renovations and Electrical Panel Upgrades

There are many older homes in our area and people are often drawn to their unique character and charm. Unfortunately, these homes often need renovations and upgrades to their electrical systems to make then safer or bring them up to electrical code standards.

Sometimes all the older wiring needs to be replaced and other times it is simply a matter of adding new circuits, or perhaps a GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter).

Expansions and remodeling also lead to the need for new wiring or increased panel capacity.  Upgrading an older fuse based electrical panel to a more modern breaker-based panel of 100, 200, 400, or higher amperage is commonplace and something we do routinely. During this process we consult with the homeowner to ensure that future requirements are also factored in.

Signs that you may require electrical upgrades include:

  • Shocks from faulty switches or outlets
  • Fuses blowing or breakers tripping
  • Dimming Lights / power surges
  • Plugs falling out of outlets
  • Intermittent connections


Lighting Upgrades

There have been many advances in lighting over the last number of years and we have made a point of staying current and knowledgeable about the options available.

The most significant advancements have of course taken place in the LED sector. LED lighting offers both energy efficiency (= energy cost savings) as well as options within the colour spectrum. Meaning that you can still enjoy the soft yellow lighting offered by conventional incandescent bulbs as well as whiter shades and daylight options.

From straightforward bulb conversions to specialty lighting, we can work with you to upgrade and modernize your home’s lighting. Each room in a home potentially has different lighting requirements based on use, the ambiance you are trying to create, or areas you wish to accent.

Upgrading your home’s lighting contributes to increased home value and also contributes towards a sustainable future by reducing energy consumption. Items to consider include:

  • “Smart” lighting systems
  • Energy efficient bulbs, ballasts, and controls
  • Dimmer switches
  • Specialty fixtures
  • Accent lighting


Standby Generators

Power outages in both urban and rural areas are not uncommon and sadly, the duration of those outages appears to be increasing. This can be a great inconvenience as well as an expense for many people. Loss of running water, heating and cooking systems, spoiled food, and flooded basements are just part of what can happen when you lose electricity.

The simple solution for many is a standby generator and ideally one that is tied directly to your home’s electrical panel using a transfer switch. This allows you to power key circuits on and off without the need to run various extension cords.

A “standby” or “backup” generator is the perfect way to reduce stress and worry during a power outage and provide essential home comfort and conveniences.

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